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Fractional Marketing

Fractional marketing is outsourcing a part, or a fraction, of your marketing needs to part-time specialists. So essentially, your business maintains the skilled marketers you have in-house while filling in gaps with part-time marketing professionals.


Fractional marketing could also help with the leadership roles in your marketing department, such as a part-time Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), Marketing Manager, Social Media Manager, Content Manager, Communications Manager etc., or Marketing Coach. This means you can have a veteran marketing professional without hiring a full-time role -  one of the reasons why fractional marketing has gained popularity for businesses.


A fractional marketing solution also comes with perks for businesses as there are no employee costs. Depending on your needs, it can be for the duration of a project, month to month, a few hours a week, or as a longer-term external team member.


Fractional Marketing allows for world-class marketing strategies and deep experience for a fraction of the cost.

What a Fractional CMO, Marketing Manager or Coach can bring into your organization:

  • Visionary with the ability to view the bigger picture

  • Strategic Mind

  • C-Suite ROI Alignment

  • Leadership Skills

  • An experienced or veteran creative problem solver

  • Bring Focus to your marketing & efforts

  • Understand the relationship of marketing with other function areas of your business

  • Ability to create alignment relationships with marketing

  • Identify areas of improvement in spending, resources & budget allocation 

  • A clear Execution Process

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