When it comes down to it......

we just want to make you happy. 

And happy about having come to us for help with your marketing challenges. Because its not just marketing services we are offering, but also happiness & results.


VINN Marketing strongly believes in aspiring to be the positive change we want to see for the marketing function, actions, ethics, results and human centric factors. In turn, contribute to our greater society, and world, in a positive way. 

So we naturally live, breathe, are curious about & question, all things marketing. And, love a good challenge.

With over 20 years of marketing experience, we work with you to apply tailored results-driven strategies & frameworks with a mix of: 

Curiosity + Marketing Wisdom + Technology + Empathy + Human Centric + Creativity + Business Pragmatism. 


We will be your advocate. Be as passionate about your goals and needs as you are, and develop & empower change agents within your organization/brand. They are your greatest advocate assets after all.

​​We love helping local, national and global start-up’s, B2B/B2C/C2C’s, Creatives, Artists, Actors & Artistic brands, Communities, Fortune 500 organizations, to Not For Profit.

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Member of Manhattan Chamber of Commerce, New York

Member of NGLCCNY - National LGBTQ Chamber of Commerce, New York

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