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Marketing solutions that make you happy, results driving marketing, human centric, Empathy in markting, pragmatic marketig, creative marketing

When it comes down to it...


we just want to make you happy. 

Happy because our collaboration resulted in your vision of success for growth or impact.




VINN Marketing is passionate about being the positive change we want to see in the marketing & business functions by infusing more empathy on how we actively listen, and market to our transcultural clients. The hope is that in turn, we positively contribute to how business is done in the future and inspire others also to be their best through their Purpose. Businesses can be profitable and do good at the same time.



We are a creative, visionary, and collaborative boutique marketing agency with global clients. We focus on the three levels of business and marketing;

  1. the WHY - Purpose, Branding, Strategy, Research & Intelligence, Innovation, Messaging/Storytelling, Growth etc;

  2. the HOW - tools to achieve key strategic objectives - Social Media Strategy, PR/Comms, Events, Sponsorships, etc.;

  3. and WHEN - delivering on the Execution.


We do complete projects or stand-alone projects focusing on one aspect of the marketing function or most important challenges.


We also offer specialized B2B & B2C programs:

  • Transcultural, Diversity & Inclusion Advisory

  • Fractional CMO & Marketing Coaching

  • Social Leadership Legacy© - Lead & Inspire. For Leaders, upcoming Leaders, and professionals who hold responsibility with their platform. Brand management after crisis management.

  • Social Media for Introverts - Creating purposeful and authentic connections. Professionals that are not sure how to establish or manage their social media. We get excited when we see we've boosted your confidence.

  • LinkedIn Shine! - Professional makeover! Or just a simple refresh. Shine amongst your colleagues & build your professional presence.


We also understand the challenges of demonstrating seemingly intangible values & benefits to create tangible experiences through emotional connections, experiences for lasting & sustainable relationships.


We will be your advocate. Be as passionate about your goals and needs as you are. Develop & empower change agents within your organization/brand. They are your greatest advocate assets, after all.

​​​​We focus on helping Purpose Lead Women Owned, Minority Owned, Black Owned, LGBT+ Owned businesses and allies.


We love helping local, national, and global start-ups, B2B/B2C/C2C's, Creatives, Artists, Actors & Artistic brands, Communities, Fortune 500 organizations, to Not For Profit.

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