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Using your platform with confidence!



Confidentiality of Customer Projects and Protection of Personal Information is of the utmost importance to us.

Maintaining confidentiality for clients is vital for building and maintaining trust. We work with clients to develop high-level solutions, so for this and client's respect, we do not divulge information about specifics we do with and for clients. Unless, of course, our clients are happy to share their feedback with others on the great work we delivered.

Our customer testimonials are kept as confidential, or public, as preferred by clients. That said, our clients are happy to speak to potential clients if requested.

Social Media for Introverts


  • Creating purposeful and authentic connections. Boost your confidence to get out there.

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LinkedIn Refresh


Personal Professional Brand Professional makeover? Or just a simple refresh. Build Networking Strategies and your own professional brand to generate immediate results. Shine & build your presence. 

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Spiral Stairs
Social Leadership Legacy©


With a leadership role, your platfom comes with great responsibility. All our professional social media will be what you leave behind, much like a digital footprint. 

Our Social Leadership Legacy program starts by understanding what it is that you want to communicate and why. We develop a thorough strategic program that includes Audience, Content Strategy & Development, to building & elevating your profile. 


Lead & Inspire with purpose.

* $1999 a once only charge, to manage your Social Leadership Legacy profile there is a monthly fee.


For a full list of what is included in our program, schedule a call with us.

  • Social Audit

  • How professional and persuasive is your profile

  • Strategy

  • Channel Selection

  • Message

  • What to communicate and why?

  • Assess Management Style

  • Content Strategy & Development

  • SWOT

  • Differentiation

  • Audience selection and segmentation

  • Profile Optimization

  • Review & building of contact list

  • Gaps

  • Networking Strategy

  • Engaging with Contacts

  • DIY Lead Generation

  • Targeting

  • Monthly management 

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