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It's no longer a surprise customers, both B2B & B2C, are now more savvy and constantly on the go, creating new and quick changing digital marketing challenges. We are more connected digitally as ever.


As Digital Marketing encompasses digital initiatives such as websites, search, email, social media, mobile, and online promotions etc, VINN Marketing works with you to reinvigorate your big picture Digital Marketing Strategy, or individual channels you need work on. We ensure digital initiatives are effective in order to meet your company’s strategic objectives such as generate leads, increase sales and enhance customer/audience relationship programs, and that good analytics are put in place to capture the behaviours of these savvy audiences, 


Through Social Media, your company, no matter the size, and in any industry, can deepen relationships with your most enthusiastic, passionate and profitable customers or audience, and effectively create more of them than ever before.

VINN Marketing can review or adjust all, or indivisual channels, of your current Social Media plan. We can also collaborate with you to create a plan. We go through several steps to create a comprehensive and effective Social Media Strategy and Social Media Plan to execute your strategy:

  • Research

  • Strategy

  • Involvement

  • Measurement

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