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Using your social platforms with confidence!


Building your personal and professional brands on social media can be a daunting task for many. Well, worry not! With any of these services, you will be building your social profiles in no time, and with confidence! And if you already have your strategy set, we can work with you to create, share and manage your content, allowing you to focus on running your business.


Social Media for Introverts


Even extraverts can become introverts when it comes to social media.

Whether you are in a position where you should be more present on social media, or you want to develop your brand further, we work with you to overcome obstacles.


The primary objection we usually hear is that people don't want to focus on themselves and blow their own horn. Therefore, we work on developing your WHY, and Purpose. Through your Purpose we find a path to communicating what you want to leave behind on social media, both personally and professionally. Also, develop skills that help you grow & sustain your social media. 


Boost your confidence to get out there to develop purposeful and authentic connections.

* $499 is a once-only charge.

A seperate monthly fee (see Social Media Management Plans below) will be charged to develop & manage Content for your Social Media.

LinkedIn Makeover


Kick-start or refresh your business, brand, and profile on LinkedIn. We work with you to set strategic goals and review your LinkedIn marketing strategy.


Depending on your goals, we work with you to develop your Professional portfolio, identify networking groups/audiences to grow both, create a maintenance roadmap and much much more. Take full advantage of LinkedIn tools to generate immediate results. We also help you identify other social media channels that will help support your LinkedIn efforts.


Shine & build your presence. 

* $997 is a once-only charge.

A seperate monthly fee (see Social Media Management Plans below) will be charged to develop & manage Content for your Social Media.

Spiral Stairs
Social Leadership Legacy©


With a leadership role comes great responsibility for your public platform. All our professional social media will be what you leave behind, much like a digital footprint. 

Our Social Leadership Legacy program starts by understanding what it is that you want to communicate and why. We develop a thorough Strategies that include developing the right messages and engagement for your Audiences, Content Strategy & Development, to Branding to Build, Grow & Elevate your profile. 

Perfect for individuals, or leadership teams personal / professional profiles.


Lead & Inspire with Purpose.

* $1997 is a once-only charge.

A seperate monthly fee (see Social Media Management Plans below) will be charged to develop & manage Content for your Social Media.


For a detailed list of each program, schedule a call with us.


Managing your platforms means, based on your Strategy, we'll create professional, engaging, curated and cohesive short-form content for your audiences to experience and connect with. We will then share that content and handle as much or little of the engagement with your audiences as you prefer.

Note: Larger content pieces such as articles, white-papers etc are an additional cost.



12 POSTS Per Month


20 POSTS Per Month


30 POSTS Per Month

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Covid-19 Update: Due to Covid-19 safety restrictions, we are currently unable to offer on-location or travel to your destination if outside of NYC, to develop content via interviews, videos, or photography. Where available we are able to help you develop these with your own technology and we guide you. As soon as we are able to travel safely, we will be back to delivering person-to-person content development services. In the meantime, please reach out to see how we may be able to help you with your own photoshoot, interviews or video creations.