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Calling all badass bookworms!

I'm calling on all bookworms who enjoy reading, with a difference.

I'm an eternally curious person. I don't have one fiction book on my bookcase. I just love learning. Whether it's about people, real events, or ways to improve myself or expand my mind as a business woman, how to better improve my professional skills, grow & scale our businesses, and upcoming innovative trends just to name a few - I'm into it! Maybe that makes me a nerd or geek, I don't care because I'm a badass geek/nerd! And I'm hoping I'm not alone.

So no, we will not be reading fiction, but rather professional books. The topic of what may be the first book we read - how to pivot and evolve. It may be especially insighful for the times we are living in today. So many organizations and entrepreneurs are having to pivot, adapt or evolve to stay alive.

Suggested first book: Evolve or Die, Lessons for World-Class Innovation and Creativity, Tom Triumph.

But first things first, we need a name for our innovative book club - suggestions floating around are very punny! Pun intended! Ok, here we go, don't shoot the messenger:

- Read between the wines

- Readers of the Lost Arc

- Badass Bookworms

- Open Books

Have any better suggestions?

We will meet in October, either by Zoom or Google Hangouts, depending on the size of our group.

To hear updates on the "yet unnamed" bookclub, register for blog updates.

Stay safe fam!


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